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Risk Management, Health & Safety, Environment and Quality



Risk management, Quality Management professionals, we provide you with our expert know-how to support your decision-making process.

The aim of our presence by your side is to:

  • Identify risks and opportunities of all kind / risk mapping (ERM)
  • Quantify uncertainties / risk assessment
  • Define the action plan and follow up
  • Manage and keep risks under control
  • Circulate the information at all levels of the organization
  • Support decision making

We also support and advice our clients across the entire scope of internal audit issues, internal control and compliance (ensure adherence and compliance based on your procedures).

With a continuous focus on meeting clients’ needs, expectations and quality, all our solutions are easy to install and use.


Antelope has developed an Risk Management System with cutting edge technology that will help you better control uncertainties linked to your business. The software easily handles your needs including the identification of risks and opportunities by analyzing them using a qualitative and quantitative approach (Monte Carlo Simulation).


Antelope is quick and easy to set up.The installation and usage is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly and doesn’t require a user’s guide.

The tool fully adapts to your internal organization (easy customization): defining the risk structure, risk maps, likelihood and impact, risk appetite...


All our hosting solutions take advantage of the latest technologies in terms of security and data protection.

The access to the software is individual. Your sensitive information is not shared and remains confidential.


Antelope is accessible at all times using any internet connection.

All your data remains fully available for consultation without constraint.

Your data is backed up daily and allows you to conveniently monitor your records when needed.

Antelope is built around different modules:

  • Company Risk Appetite
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Project Risk Management
  • Risk catalog
  • Risk assurance map
  • Internal Audit
  • Internal Control
  • Audit management

Antelope. Keep it simple

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Antelope is continuously searching for new talent to complement and strengthen its teams: risk management, quality and environment expert, software development.

We offer a challenging and dynamic work environment with multiple career development opportunities.

Convinced that human capital is the key to success, we are looking for people who share our values :

  • Proactivity and independancy. Our way of working gives the freedom it needs to take responsibility.
  • Team spirit. We communicate, cooperate and help one another. Collective and group cohesion are essential.
  • Creativity. We trust our intuitions and we dare to take risks and innovate.

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